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Frequently Asked Questions

Why So Expensive?
Our prices are actually significantly lower than most comparable sites. We are able to keep our prices low as we are not a huge corporation with a lot of overhead and advertising, we are just a couple gamers doing what we love and making some awesome controllers. When you take the cost of a brand new controller being anywhere from $54 - $65 before tax, our prices our not that far off and you get the same quality controller, only customized with the designs you choose!
What Are KwikSticks?
KwikSticks are tournament thumbsticks that have PS3 style domed grips and a thinner radius post for 16% more travel which will enable a faster rotation.
What Does Awaiting Fulfillment mean?
Awaiting fulfillment means your order and payment have been received and your controler is now in the paint/build process. Once complete we will then update your status to Shipped at which point you will receive an email notifying you of the shipment and prodviding your tracking information.
Will The KwikFire Mod Work If I Use The Tactical Layout On Call Of Duty?
Yes, the KwikFire is the only mod that has an option to reroute the B buttons so that the mod will still work with Tactical Layout for Call Of Duty or the Battlefield Layout.
Can You Get Banned From Xbox Live or PSN For Using A Modded Controller?
No, this is a myth. It is impossible for Microsoft and Sony to detect a modded controller, the only modifications that can get you banned are those done to your actual console.
Do You Use Real Microsoft and Sony Controllers?
Yes, we only use brand new Authentic Wireless Microsoft Xbox 360 & Xbox One Controllers as well as Authentic Sony Dualshock 3 and Dualshock 4 Controllers.
Do Your Mods Come With A Manual?
Our Mod Instruction Manuals are available for viewing and download in the Manual section of our website.
What Is A Rumble Pack?
Rumble packs are the motors that cause your controller to vibrate.
What Is An ROL?
An ROL aka Ring Of Lights are the player 1,2,3 and 4 lights around your guide button on your Xbox 360 controller to tell you which player a controller is set at.

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