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Frequently Asked Questions
Why So Expensive?
Our prices are actually significantly lower than most comparable sites. We are able to keep our prices low as we are not a huge corporation with a lot of overhead and advertising, we are just a couple gamers doing what we love and making some awesome controllers. When you take the cost of a brand new controller being anywhere from $54 - $65 before tax, our prices our not that far off and you get the same quality controller, only customized with the designs you choose!
What Are KwikSticks?
KwikSticks are tournament thumbsticks that have PS3 style domed grips and a thinner radius post for 16% more travel which will enable a faster rotation.
What Does Awaiting Fulfillment mean?
Awaiting fulfillment means your order and payment have been received and your controler is now in the paint/build process. Once complete we will then update your status to Shipped at which point you will receive an email notifying you of the shipment and prodviding your tracking information.
Will The Arbiter Mod Work If I Use The Tactical Layout On Call Of Duty?
Yes, the Arbiter is the only mod that has an option to reroute the B buttons so that the mod will still work with Tactical Layout for Call Of Duty or the Battlefield 3 Layout.
Can You Get Banned From Xbox Live or PSN For Using A Modded Controller?
No, this is a myth. It is impossible for Microsoft and Sony to detect a modded controller, the only modifications that can get you banned are those done to your actual console.
Do You Use Real Microsoft and Sony Controllers?
Yes, we only use Authentic Wireless Microsoft Xbox 360 & Xbox One Controllers as well as Authentic Sony Dualshock 3 and Dualshock 4 Controllers.
*Wired Microsoft Xbox 360 Controllers are also available when noted. 
Do Your Mods Come With A Manual?
Yes, our mods do incldue a manual.
What Is A Rumble Pack?
Rumble packs are the motors that cause your controller to vibrate.
What Is An ROL?
An ROL aka Ring Of Lights are the player 1,2,3 and 4 lights around your guide button on your Xbox 360 controller to tell you which player a controller is set at.
Modding Terms Explained
As many users might not be familiar with common terms used in the modified controller industry, and as many only exist in the Arbiter chip, find below explanations of what each terminology means.
Rapid Fire
Rapid fire is when you press the RT trigger to fire your weapon and the chip rapidly fires the trigger simulating you pressing the RT trigger over and over very fast.
Ultra Fire
Ultra fire is an enhancement of Rapid Fire to make semi and fully automatic guns fire even faster. This mode is only available for Call of Duty games up to Black Ops. Any CODs that don’t support it will just cause the gun to swap weapons very fast.
Dual Trigger
Also sometimes called Akimbo, Dual Trigger is Rapid Fire but for dual wielding guns like Dual Pistols in Call of Duty and dual wielding in Halo’s etc… Just pull the fire trigger to rapid fire both triggers. If you have a single weapon in this mode you can hold LT (to aim) before pulling RT to fire and it will rapid fire the single shot weapon ok too.
Burst Fire
Burst fire is just Rapid Fire but with a limited number of bullets. So 3 Burst will rapidly fire 3 shots then stop until you release the trigger. Perfect for snipers and ammo preservation.
Quick Scope & Tap Shot
With quick scope, as soon as you look down the sight by holding LT, the chip will automatically hold your breath for you to steady your aim, which you would usually have to click in the left thumb stick to do. This makes scoping much easier. In Tap mode you just tap LT quickly and let go and the chip will keep LT pressed then fire shortly after.
LT Cancellation
For Jump and Drop Shot modes, you don’t always want to drop or jump, for example if you are behind a window. To prevent the drop or jump, in any mode with LT Cancellation, if you are already pressing LT (looking down the sight) when you fire you won’t drop or jump.
Aim & Auto Aim
Any modes that have ‘Aim’ activated mean that by pulling RT to fire, it will automatically pull LT for you so you don’t have to manually aim down the sight. One less thing to think about.
Auto aim is similar, but for offline games that have an ‘aim assist’ option, the Auto Aim will automatically track the enemies for you so you don’t even need to aim at them!
Drop Shot
Still the only chip on the market to do Drop Shot fully and not do half a job. When you pull the RT the chip will instantly and automatically drop you to the floor while doing any other action on the mode you are in (such as aim for you and rapid fire), then as soon as you release RT it will stand you back up!
Jump Shot
This is identical to drop shot but instead of dropping to the floor, you will continually jump.
Fast Reload
Fast Reload and Auto Fast Reload work specifically on Black Ops and Gears of War 2 & 3. For Fast Reload, when you reload your weapon, the A3 will automatically ‘glitch’ on Black Ops about half a second before finishing allowing you to finish reloading that little bit quicker. This works for FN Fal, Famas and a few others.
For Gears of Wars games the Fast Reload is perfectly timed Active Reloads when you press reload.
Auto-Fast Reload is the same as Fast Reload but you don’t have to press reload, you just let go of RT after firing, and it will reload for you.