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About Us

What is KwikBoyModz.com?

KwikBoy Modz is a custom controller company based out of New Jersey. At KwikBoyModz.com we are gamers like yourselves with your satisfaction being our number one priority along with providing you with the best controller you can buy! We specialize in modded Xbox 360 controllers as well as modded PS3 controllers. We give you as many options to choose from as possible when designing your custom Xbox 360 controllers & custom PS3 controllers without the hefty cost of some other sites.

What Makes Us The Best?

When it comes to building your controller, KwikBoy Modz stands above the rest. Whether you're looking for a ridiculous custom controller with the works or just a simple controller to add a little of your personality to, we  give you all the options you could want to do just that. We offer the best options at the best prices without sacrificing any quality! Just some of the options we offer include custom Xbox 360 guide buttons, custom Xbox 360 ABXY buttons, custom PS3 home buttons, MODSTICKS and so much more! We offer more unique options than any other site out there and our mods are the best of the best and yes I know you've heard that before because every site says it, but can they prove it? Most other sites claim their 10 mode mod is the fastest around etc, but no facts, no recognition and chances are they all use the same mod! We offer the Arbiter 3.5 as our most recommended mod option for people who truly want the best! The Arbiter features well over 78+ different modes (not just rapid fire like our competitors) along with the ability to use them all in any variation and with Rapid Fire speeds upwards of 250 SPS, who is going to contest you? Did I mention we don't charge you extra for each feature as well? So when you are looking for the truly best controller, you have come to the right place. Each controller is built to order by our highly trained team, which builds your controller to the tightest specs and then takes it for a 2 hour test ride to make sure it is ready to face any gaming challenge without fail and finally, we back it with our standard 3 month warranty at no extra cost!


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