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         When building a custom PS4 controller at KwikBoy Modz you can choose from hundreds of PS4 controller options to make the controller truly fit your style. We offer everything from the design of your shell to the smallest button on your controller. Each option is chosen individually so that you can mix and match designs and colors of each controller button. The Dualshock 4 controller has been revamped with many improvements but if you want a little more out of your controller, you can add the Arbiter 4 Mod to take your gaming to another level. The Arbiter 4 is completely stealth and enables you to use many options simultaneously unlike our competitors. For example, you can use Rapid Fire, Drop Shot, Aim, Auto Stand and Auto Run all at the same time!

To build a custom PS4 controller, select the controller you'd like, then choose your options from the controller options menu on the right side of the page and enjoy!