MODSTICKS Low Rider Grips

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  • MODSTICKS Low Rider Grips
  • MODSTICKS Low Rider Grips
  • MODSTICKS Low Rider Grips
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Width:, Height:, Depth:,



Low Rider Grips for Modsticks Pro Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4 and PS3


Offers the lowest possible stance on the analog sticks

Lower analog sticks give faster reactions times

You can still add height for more acuracy

Low Rider grips have a wider range of adjustment UP or Down

Available in 9 colors, same shape design as the standard dome grip


INCLUDES: two Low Rider grips

*Please note these are only grips and only fit Modsticks thumbsticks

MODSTICKS Pro Thumbsticks Are Available On Our Xbox 360 Controllers

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