Floating Grip Xbox One X Wall Mount

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Storage your XBOX One X on your wall

FLOATING GRIP® Wall Mounts for XBOX One X makes it easy for you to mount your console nicely on the wall.

Mount your XBOX One X right next to your TV on the wall for a cool gaming setup or hide it behind your TV on the wall for a clean and simple look. Either way you achieve a nice setup, you save space and you can finally forget all about cables making your setup look messy by placing them behind your TV.

The FLOATING GRIP® Wall Mounts are designed to discreetly hold your XBOX One X safely mounted on your wall without covering any entrances. You might be surprised by the simplicity of the FLOATING GRIP® but it will keep your console stable and safe when mounted on your wall. Furthermore it allows for 360 degree of ventilation for the console when mounted

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